Physical Attributes and Fashion

Tamorians typically have dark brown to black hair, hazel to brown eyes, and fair skin. They are not particularly tall nor particularly large. Working men tend to have a short beard and moderate length hair while wealthier men tend to wear mustaches of all different styles and short, parted hair. Women of all social standings usually have long hair, although those in more physically demanding jobs such as blacksmiths or soldiers will often have shorter hair.

Both men and women wear a tunic or shirt with pants. High class women more frequently wear dresses and skirts. It’s not uncommon for a man to have pierced ears, but is far more common for women to pierce their ears. A few Tamorians have tattoos, but with the practice being not very common, there is a stigma of those with tattoos being wild and unrefined.

Culture and Language

Tamorian culture is well known throughout Katholos. Tamorian books, plays, music and fashion can be found almost anywhere in the human kingdoms and, more often than not, in halfling and plains elves settlements too. The Tamor language is common enough that there is a large number of people who speak it outside of the Tamor Empire. Tamorians are known for their long lasting respect for the Tamor rulers as well as being the most religiously and magically tolerant. A sizeable number of Tamorians farm for a living, but compared to all other human kingdoms, Tamorians have the highest number of traders and businessmen.

Geographic Spread

Tamorians are found in the largest quantity in the Tamor Empire, where they make up some 70% of the population. This is not evenly spread throughout the Empire though. Most Tamorians are found in the kingdom and have much less representation in the states. However, in Seaboard and the Southlands, there are a considerable number of denizens of Tamorian descent.

Outside of the Empire, Tamorians are found in large numbers in the Kelchon Kingdom as traders. It is not uncommon to find a Tamorian or someone of Tamorian descent in any of the human kingdoms.


Tamorians have a given name and a family name. The family name can come from either side, but often it comes from the paternal side. Tamorian male names commonly start with t, v, or f and end in r, n, or s. Female names use almost any other letters besides t, v, and f and they usually have a high concentration of vowels.


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