The Caravan


The Caravan is the only gnomish political unit. It is a collection of wagons, riding animals, and other vehicles that are all within a 5 mile radius of one another. After some time of riding, they then settle down in some geographically desirable area of land. This settlement is not permanent however. After three or four years, The Caravan packs up and starts moving about again. While The Caravan is one unit of gnomes, it’s difficult to say if it is a nation or not. Some years The Caravan has a strong, central leader who conducts business of The Caravan. Other years there is a complete lack of a leader and anarchy rules. There are even records of The Caravan operating like a group of tribes that had a loose confederacy.

Current Government

The current political structure of The Caravan is something of a democratic republic. Certain gnomes represent other gnomes at a council that meets in the central part of The Caravan. It is unclear how the representatives are chosen, who they represent, or even for how long they serve. The meetings are also irregular and the meeting leader constantly changes. Despite the chaos, this system has largely protected the gnomes from orc attacks and has even lead to an increase in the size of The Caravan.

The Caravan

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