1. Physical Appearance and Fashion
  2. Culture and Language
  3. Geographic Spread
  4. Names

Physical Appearance and Fashion

Sorzians are typically taller and larger people. They have light skin and blond to brown hair. Men often have long beards and long braided hair. Women almost always have long hair and only the unwed, old, and prostitutes wear their hair down. Men wear pants and a tunic and women wear either dresses or a blouse and skirt. Often men will have tattoos to commemorate a special battle or similar event. Women with tattoos face a huge stigma as being wild or whores.

Culture and Language

Sorzian culture is based almost entirely fighting and physical strength. Even from as young as five, male Sorzians are taught to fight and have strict regiments to grow stronger. Intelligence isn’t depreciated, Sorzians call the mind the second most powerful part of a person, but the best fighters sit echelons higher than the best scholar or tactician. Women, however, are not expected, and even discouraged, to fight. Their purpose is to maintain the home and well being of the men in their lives. While some clever women take advantage of the sharp division of responsibilities to gain lain, wealth, and influence, the vast majority never leave a 5 mile radius from where they were born.

With show of power being so important, Sorzian cultural products reflect this behavior. The most well-known Sorzian books describe battle tactics and fighting techniques. Most Sorzian exports are weapons and Sorzian “theater” usually is reenactments of legendary battles. Art and music is not particularly developed and the Sorzian language is not very homogeneous.

Geographical Spread

Although Sorzians are mainly concentrated in the Suzull Kingdom, many Sorzian fighters and mercenaries have settled all around the continent. Those of Sorzian descent can be found in the western parts of the Tamor Empire following the Yaharl War.


Sorzians have a given name and a family name that comes from the father. Male names frequently include k, s, sh, and g sounds and female names usually have g, v, and d sounds with e and u as common vowels. Family names usually are Sorzian words that emphasize a certain virtue or aspect.

Example male names: Kashol, Garkenx, Sesuush
Example female names: Gavje, Donag, Vuvad
Example family names: Shogshal (Valor), Kuogk (Strength), Gresgor (Ferocity)


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