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During the Age of Rebellion until the end of the Age of Mortals, humans were the dominant and most numerous race. Orcs and half-orcs may now have a claim to this title, but humans are definitely one of the biggest movers and shakers of Katholos. While the orcs may control (barely) more area than humans, humans still hold the largest cities. Humans have lost considerable tracts of land, but they still control some of the most fertile and productive in Katholos.

Race Relations

Humans are the biggest opponents to the orcs. Because of this shared foe, humans and plains elves are commonly seen in arms together and generally get along with one another. The forest elves will deal with humans over plains elves any day, but that’s not to say that humans are exactly in good standing with forest elves. The fight against the orcs has made humans even more unaware of their neighbors so there are no formal ties with the human city-states and any gnome or dwarf settlement. Half-orcs and humans are typically seen at odds with one another, but it is not too uncommon for half-orcs to fight against orcs and thus, by extension, with humans. To humans, half-elves just fall into the same category as plains elves and the average human usually can’t tell the difference between a half-elf and an elf.


Due to their spread across the continent and their short lifespan, humans fracture into many different cultures that can be wildly different from one another. Below is a list of the different human cultures in Katholos.

Game Information

You may use the variant human traits with an ability score increase to two different abilities by 1, one skill proficiency, and one feat when making your character.


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