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Gnomes are another race that many know about, but very few have seen. This is due to two main factors: first, the largest concentration of gnomes is found in a group known as The Caravan that moves almost continually and second, gnomes are relative newcomers to Katholos. Gnomish artifacts and references don’t appear until sometime toward the end of the Age of Rebellion and the very early Age of Mortals. Gnomes remain mysteriously quiet on the subject and, as a whole, they are not known for their accurate historical records to explain their sudden entrance.

Gnomes themselves tend to be more free-spirited and carefree than other races. They also tend to be much more permissible of others’ actions so long as those actions are “for the sake of a good joke.” Gnomes usually have a disdain of fighting; The Caravan seldom has an army and gnomes are one of the races who has chosen not to actively fight the orcs. Gnomes have the highest chance of being magically adept in comparison to any other race.

Race Relations

With this loose and free flowing government, it’s hard to define the gnomish relationships with other races. On the whole, gnomes get along with everyone, except the orcs. They even have been known to visit the secluded dwarves. Gnomes usually tend to be allied with humans, although recently the humans have forgotten about the gnomes. Gnomes are also some of the few who have been allowed into the Gyallor Forest to parley with the forest elves. With such positive relations, gnomes have served as diplomats between nations. Recently, gnomes are experiencing relative isolation as more nations focus more on killing orcs than anything else.

Game Information

You may use either the forest gnome subrace or the rock gnome subrace when making your character.


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