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Halfling society is based around community and honor. The smallest unit of halfling society is the family with the clan being larger than that, the village larger than that, and the commonwealth being the largest unit. At every level there are traditions that halflings hold dear and have been practiced for hundreds of years; a family may celebrate a holiday a specific way, a clan may meet every 50 years at a certain location, a village may honor a folk hero, and a commonwealth may set specific holidays. With such an emphasis on the community, halflings seldom leave their village, except to find a spouse or to visit a relative. Halflings can also be distrusting of strangers, seeing them as a source to disrupt the peace. However, once accepted by a halfling community, one is a part of the community regardless of race.

Halfling honor is a serious matter. Promises and oaths are not easily made nor are they broken. A halfling who breaks a promise can end up shunned for decades, if not a lifetime. The popularity of a clan depends heavily on how honorably its members comport themselves and the actions of a rogue member can disgrace everyone. Halflings without honor are usually exiled from their clan, village, and, potentially, their commonwealth.

The majority of halflings live in the Akari-heung Ko Commonwealth, but there are a few small halfling villages hidden away in hills and forests. These villages have no political power on the continent and seldom have more than 50 halflings. They also share similar beliefs as other halflings.

Race Relations

Humans and halflings get along well, mainly due to the fact that the vast majority of halflings live in the Tamor Empire. Halflings tend to view humans as slightly unrefined, but steadfast allies. Although it is uncommon to see halflings on the frontlines fighting orcs, they have served as specialized strike forces, using their specially developed anti-orc fighting style. Through their connections with humans, halflings frequently interact with plains elves as well and the two groups get along well. With the dwarves going into seclusion, halflings have stopped communication with them.

Game Information

Treat halflings from the Akari-heung Ko Commonwealth as the stout subrace and treat all other halflings as the lightfoot subrace when making your character.


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