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Elves come in two distinct variants in Katholos, plains elves and forest elves. When someone talks of “elves,” it is often assumed that the person is talking about plains elves. Most people are aware of forest elves existence, the forest elves are just so secluded and most people interact with plains elves so forest elves just fade into the background.

All elves started out in the Gyallor Forest, but after a series of exceptionally brutal orc attacks, the forest was reduced to a tenth of its original size and many elves were killed. Part of the elves favored fleeing into the plains to regroup and the other group argued to hold their ground and defend the forest. The groups split and thus the formation of the plains elves and the forest elves. To this day, neither nation has established any formal ties with the other and even on a personal level, plains elves will often refuse to speak of their forest kin and vice versa.

Forest Elves

Since the near destruction and then subsequent separation of their race, forest elves are exceptionally reserved. At a national level, they have no direct involvement fighting the orcs and only the most distant of relations with humans. Coming within the realm of Gyallor Forest without permission means certain death if one is caught, but even those in the forest on official business are very restricted on what they can do, where they can go, and what they can see. At an individual level, forest elves are quiet and reserved, preferring to watch rather than immediately react. They are very composed and always seem to have an air of elegance around them, but this can often be perceived as condescension. Forest elves seem to have a greater tendency to be xenophobic.

Plains Elves

On the opposite end of the spectrum, plains elves are are open and eager to meet new people. Unlike the forest elves looking to past glory days, plains elves look to the future for a better tomorrow. Nationally, plains elves have exceptionally good relationships with nearly everyone. Aside from forest elves and orcs, plains elves are generally liked around Katholos also. Plains elves enjoy the company of humans most, as comrades on the battlefield, but they also are very much at ease with gnomish antics and halfling humility. Only the dwarves lack a solid relationship with the plains elves, although the two groups have frequent contact. Individual plains elves are usually very friendly and eager to share and learn from others. Plains elves are frequently the subjects of romanticization by non-elves (particularly humans) and they are seen as sexually promiscuous.

Game Information

Treat plains elves as the high elves subrace and forest elves as the wood elves subrace when making your character.


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