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While the average citizen may know of dwarves, very few have ever seen one. The dwarves are concentrated only in the Kharkot Mountain range. The combination of a small geographic area and large amounts of space between the dwarves and everyone else leaves the dwarves in relative isolation. There are few nations who are willing to send envoys across the Mauihi Desert to reach the mountain range, so most of the time dwarves will reach out to others. With the plains elves being the closest, they have the best connections with the dwarves. However, even when the dwarves do trek to the plains elven nation, they are interested only in status reports about the rest of the world and occasionally to trade. The dwarves buy little foodstuffs, which confounds other nations as it seems very unlikely that they have any form of reliable agriculture given the geographic location.


All dwarves are a part of one of five clans: Tarnok, Karhrosh, Buelmot, Kragnot, and Gorlhut. The clan organization is a step below the kingdom level. Clans are responsible for the well-being of its members and they take care of education, medicine, and other social welfare aspects. Each clan has a head patriarch and a head matriarch, each of which are the oldest member of the clan. Each clan also has a representative who sits on the Council. The head patriarch is frequently the representative, but not always. Each clan has a slightly different attitude and comportment compared to other clans. For more information, see the links below.

Race Relations

Dwarves really don’t have any sort of connections with anyone, save for a very weak tie to the plains elves. Humans usually ignore the dwarves, thinking them long gone, the forest elves are too concerned with their own affairs and halflings find the Kharkot Mountains to be rather far for a visit. Only the gnomes are willing to make trips across the desert, but most of the time these gnomes travel for their own reasons, not as part of diplomatic envoy. Orcs and their kin are the mortal enemies of dwarves, going all the way back to the Age of Rebellion. Up until the death of the god-king Halharst, the two sides fought gruesome battles against one another. Orcs have launched only one attack against the dwarves in recent years. But after crossing miles of harsh desert and then scaling a mountain side, the orcs were thoroughly crushed by the dwarves.

Game Information

Treat dwarves of the Tarnok, Karhrosh, and Buelmot clans as the hill dwarves subrace and the dwarves of the Kragnot and Gorlhut clans as the mountain dwarves subrace when making your character.


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