In a town of about 3,000 people off the Weirfal Coast in Seaboard called Shalluor, there reside about 150 gold dragonborn. Almost nothing is known about them; even the dragonborn themselves have little idea of their origins. The elder dragonborn say that their parents were escaped slaves from a land beyond the horizon across the ocean. Human records can’t confirm this as the first accounts of human and dragonborn contact state that the dragonborn were well established in the area. The dragonborn got along exceptionally well with the first humans to come to the town, but when Shalluor became part of Seaboard, human and dragonborn relations deteriorated.

The dragonborn tend to be very reserved and they are not particularly trusting of non-dragonborn. The dragonborn community is extremely tight-knit and a slight against one of its members is a slight against them all. They are very proud of their distinct culture with its own language, gods, and celebrations. Despite their reclusive nature, dragonborns are some of the first people to help when there is a crisis.

Game Information

Only dragonborn of gold dragon ancestry are allowed.


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